We are an initiative that helps Belarusians who suffered from repressions.

We offer free foreign language lessons (online). 

How do we help?

We provide a set of 10 lessons in a chosen foreign language. Lessons are given online by volunteers from all over the world (mostly Belarusians).  

Who are we?

We are volunteers living in different places in the world. 

Whom do we help?

Our volunteers provide help to the following categories of Belarusian people:

  • People who suffered from repressions

  • People who lost jobs because of their views 

  • People who are on strike because of their views 

How can you help?

International support means a lot for Belarusian people today. We would like to give an opportunity for our students to interact with native speakers. A teacher can arrange a small talk between you and the student so that he/she can practice conversational skills with you. A lesson may take up to 40 minutes. Usually, we offer 1-2 lessons with a native speaker to each student but we are flexible and everything can be discussed.  

Would you like to help? 


Please send us an email to and we are going to register you as a native speaker and our volunteers will contact you to arrange a lesson. 



  • I would like to help. What do I do? 


Please send us an email to indicating your name, country, and languages you are speaking fluently. 


  • I do not speak Russian or Belarusian. Can I still help? 


Sure. We do not expect you to speak Russian or Belarusian. We have students with different levels of language proficiency. A lot of them want to improve their conversational skills.  


  • What happens after I register by sending an email? 


You will be put on the list of the native speakers and volunteers will contact you in order to connect you for 1-2 lessons with their students. 


  • Do I need to be a teacher in order to help? 


Absolutely not. You need to be able to speak the language fluently and have a desire to help.